Sunday, August 6, 2017

More Costume College!

Oh, I am just the absolute worst at taking pictures! I never remember to actually get out my camera! I must say, though, there were so many amazing gowns and outfits throughout the whole event this year. I didn't even get a picture of all the things I wore. So bad! But here's a few of the weekend.

I started on Thursday with a Riding Habit fitting workshop. I wore my same 18th century undies, but here's a couple pics of the fitted waistcoat. I can't wait to start this when I get home.


Thursday night, for the pool party, I wore my white linen 1930's beach pants and a new black crepe de chine halter. I had my hair marcelled, but totally forgot to take a picture until I was getting undressed. Whoops! I totally love these pants. I have worn them so many times since I made them!

On friday I went to a couple classes in my new 30's Jodhpurs... Which I didn't get a picture of. Second oops. But they do deserve a post soon! I kind of hated the outfit while I was wearing them, so I changed into a "spare" dress I brought, "just in case". It was the white eyelet teens dress I made for Goldfield Days last year. I forgot how much I liked it! And the hair transitioned so easily. It was still marcelled in front from the night before, so I wore it like that with the Jodhs, and then brushed it out a little for an earlier look. 

On Friday night I wore the Countess of Provence gown. I am a big fan of the laced lining. Somehow it made getting dressed so much faster! I made a new wig and didn't realize quite how massive it was until I wore it. My husband dressed up for more events this year. So fun!

On Saturday I planned on wearing my new outfit for Goldfield Days, but I was so flattened with allergies the whole weekend that I put on comfies to go to my tailoring class. Which was awesome!! I absolutely loved it. Nicole Rudolf taught it and we made a half scale men's coat front. It was amazing how simple she made it. I really want to make a coat soon!


My comfies ended up being my beach pants, since I still wanted to be in the spirit of the event. Love those darn pants!

But I rallied, loaded up on allergy medicine, and wore my new 1902 Worth Gown for the Gala Saturday night. Well, kind of for the gala. We ended up getting chatting at the bar and never actually made it to our seats at the gala. We ended up eating at the bar, but still enjoyed the socializing before and after the gala dinner, which makes me think maybe next year I won't actually get dinner tickets. I put the best of the pics in the last post about the dress, but heres a few anyway!

The newest addition to my husband's outfit was a stiff fronted evening shirt and collars. Theres a store in England, Darcy Clothing, that still makes them, and also makes "washable" versions, which is what I bought. Apparently there are only a few dry cleaners left (all in England) that can wash the real ones, so they make a washable version that you can wash at home. It's still incredibly stiff. Poor guy, he could't wait to undo the collar! Now I get why tuxedos and their soft fronted shirts were considered so casual! I love this picture.

And when I got undressed that night. Can we say hair!? When I took down my gibson gal do, so much volume!!

Sunday was the last day of dress up fun. I wore my 1911 dress that I made for the Highclere Castle Garden Party. For fun, I made some matching gaiters to go under it. I don't have the books next to me, but it's either in London Society Fashion 1905 - 1925: The Wardrobe of Heather Fairbanks or Ingenue to Icon: 70 Years of Fashion from the Collection of Marjorie Merriweather Post, that there's a traveling ensemble, from about 1912, with matching gaiters. I love it! I'll have to update when I get home and check the books.

Costume College was such a fun event to go to this year. It was so great to see friendly faces from last year and meet even more of the lovely ladies in person I know from their blogs. And there was just so much awesome on display this year! I hope I get to go again next year!


  1. I saw your Worth gown at the gala (SO BEAUTIFUL) but somehow missed you the rest of the weekend! Those pants are just divine, so comfy-looking :D I love the gaiters too.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's amazing how we're all in that one hotel and yet you can still manage to completely miss someone all weekend! There's just too many awesome costumes to see!