Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vogue 7464 Goes to Kentucky

When I'm not sewing, my other passion is horses. 

This year we were lucky enough to attend the Kentucky Derby, which has been on my list since, well, forever. The tickets we got were actually for two days, the Oaks day and the Derby day. I bought a hat for the Derby (I found a totally rad one and couldn't pass it up), but for the Oaks day I decided to make my hat.

Pink is the color of the day for the Oaks; it's the Race for the Lilies. So, pink it was!

I chose Vogue 7464 for my hat. I've been lusting over View B for ages. I must say, it's a little fiddly and weird to put together, but these blog posts were absolutely fantastic in explaining what the pattern directions neglected:

"My 1940’s Vogue 7464 Hat" from Vintage Dream Blog

The hat was made from wool felt from The Felt Pod, and the inside shaped with buckram. And yep, I totally held the wire together with scotch tape. Hey, it worked!

A couple modifications I made to the pattern were to add millinery wire to the base, as was suggested by Fashionable Forties, and I added wig clips, as was done by Vintage Dream. I may have gone a little overboard adding four, but those wig clips were perfect! That hat wasn't going anywhere!

I also lined the inside with a scrap of silk. I love the inside!

And here it was, ready to go, next to my hat for the Derby. It packed really well because I was able to partly disassemble the back bow. And the wool was very forgiving in bouncing back, though I was careful not to bend and crush the wire brim, which I'm sure wouldn't have bounced back so well...

And a few pics from Derby day, just for fun!


  1. It's neat to see one of the hats from that pattern made up. I think I might own it, though I've never used it. Your other spiral hat is lovely as well! What a fun event to attend!


  2. I would so buy one of your hats for our hat luncheon up in Buffalo. Lovely !