Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Bow Tie and Accessories for The Derby

I bought this horse print cotton a while ago with no real intention for it. When I started packing for the Derby I had a lightbulb moment!

It started with the bow tie, and that was so easy I went onto the pocket square and eventually did up some cufflinks for good measure. A lot of matchy matchy for everyday wear, but for the Derby, it was tame!

Like the ladies with their hats, gents at the Derby go all out! Bright colors and horsey prints were everywhere. And I have never seen so much seersucker! It was a lot of fun to see all the fun menswear. I can't imagine many of the outfits could be worn anywhere else!

The bowtie was much easier than I thought it would be. has a good tutorial. I chose to trace one of my husbands bow ties instead of using their pattern, so I knew it fit. I also chose a lightweight, woven cotton stabilizer from Pellon, instead of firm, which I think worked very well. 

The pocket square was a little more time consuming because it the edges were thread drawn before cutting, and the edges were all hand stitched with a rolled hem. The Zen of Making has a very nice diagram of how to sew a rolled hem.

I think I made this about a 16" square, because I looked on the Hermes website and their pocket squares were that size. However, it was a tiny bit large for his coat pocket, so I had to get a little crafty folding it. I would suggest measuring the inside of the pocket of the jacket first and multiplying that by four. Then it should fit nicely when folded.

I personalized it further with a little "2017" embroidered into one of the horses. Just a running stitch.

The cufflinks were a last minute add on that turned out great. I went into my button drawer and found two sizes of covered button kits. One very small, about 1/4" to fit through the button hole, and the other about 5/8", which was about cuff-link size. I not only covered the 5/8" button front with fabric, but also covered the back side with fabric and secured it before joining the front and back. This was a nice touch, being that these were a gift, but somewhat unnecessary, as the back side of the button didn't show at all while being worn. Then I simply stitched the two buttons together with silk buttonhole twist. 

These couldn't have taken more than an hour. I see so many possibilities!

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