Friday, March 10, 2017

Beach Pyjamas for HSM 3: The Great Outdoors!

For ages I've been in love with beach pyjamas. They have such a great look! I especially love the styles from the 1930's. I've been on a bit of a thirties kick recently...

Well, I took a recent trip to the beach as an excuse to make some. I was only going to make one, but got a little carried away and made two! Yay! One from earlier in the decade and another pyjama outfit from the later 30's. 

Oh, and then I threw in a 1920's negligee (which just looks a heck of a lot like a modern beach coverup) for good measure. It was a very productive couple of weeks! 

Today, I will start with my favorite, the later 30's set.

I just adore these pants! They're Wearing History's Chic Ahoy cropped pants, made full length. I was super inspired by these 1840's Sailor Trousers, last time I was at the National Museum of American History in DC. I knew I absolutely needed some linen sailor pants for my upcoming beach trip. Well, how better than in a cute, high-waisted 1930's style?!

The halter top is from Wearing History's #3011, Late 30's Beach Trousers and Halter. I didn't change the halter pattern at all, but added a second layer to the blouse part, since the crepe-de-chine I was working with was very light and sheer, and who wants to wear a bra at the beach? Not me! 

I really, really like the halter pattern. I want to experiment with it more in the future. It was SO simple to make and, I think, is very flattering. Especially since you can raise or lower the neck ties to adjust the fit. 

I accessorized with some fun, 30's style sunglasses and espadrilles. I made the pants and top, planning to wear them like modern clothes for dinner or something. With different shoes, accessories and hair, it's amazing how modern the outfit looks. But for pictures, the accessories really put the outfit back in the 30's. And, of course, the hair.

The hair was actually quite a challenge. I didn't have a curling iron with me, so I couldn't marcel my hair or anything, easily. Plus, I was on vacation! I wanted to be out in the water! I rolled my hair up, inspired by this picture. It was very quick and easy! 

Aside from the length, I didn't change much. The original pattern had a belt going through the top loops. I put buttons there instead. The interior waistband originally asked for lacing. I put buttons there, too, just for ease of getting in and out. If I made these pants again, I would add another pair of buttons at the top, to help the top stay up since the linen is actually very heavy (there's a lot of fabric in those pants!) and pulls at the waist.

In general, the linen I used was very apt to stretch and grow. When I started, the inner waistband fit. By the time I added the buttons, I had to overlap the band by a few inches!

For speed, I chose to zig zag the seam allowances of the linen. A little messy, but so quick! And didn't make any difference on the outside of the garment.

I used my time wisely, and where I saved on overcasting the seams, I had enough time to dedicate to tidy welt button holes. 

A piece of advice for welt buttonholes: baste the welts together and leave them that way till the very end. Keeps everything much tidier and prevents them getting misshapen while working with the rest of the garment. 

Because of the facings, and the nature of the fabric - rather sheer - I absolutely needed to address the underwear situation. I made a pair of white crepe de chine tap pants from Mrs. Depew #2023. If I had worn pink or beige, the facing would have been so obvious!


So, the facts:

The Challenge: #3, The Great Outdoors

Material: White linen, patterned silk crepe-de-chine

Pattern: Wearing History's Chic Ahoy Pants and Late 30's Halter

Year: Late 1930's

Notions: Thread, Mother of Pearl Buttons

How historically accurate is it? The only thing that probably wasn't accurate was zigzag stitching the seam allowances. Maybe the style of buttons I chose, too. Not that mother of pearl wasn't around, but was it in fashion? I chose them because they were beachy :)

Hours to complete: A few days. 

First worn: Last weekend.

Total cost: Stash project - so free lol!


  1. Gorgeous! The garments, you, the beach, everything!

    I am also in love with 1930s beach pajamas. They are so comfy, even in the heat of summer, while also being elegant and fun to wear. :) I love yours!


    1. Aw thanks! They are such comfy pants. So fun to make and wear!