Monday, February 27, 2017

A 1930's Wool Blanket Coat for HSM 2: Re-make, Re-use, Re-fashion

Oh, I just love this coat! I made it at the beginning of the month and I've already taken it on two trips to quite cold places and have used it again and again at home. 

The coat is made out of a Woolrich blanket and Wearing History's 1930's Ahwahnee Blanket Coat pattern. The blanket was a bit smaller than the blanket size the pattern calls for, so I had to accommodate by not lining the hood. By choice, I went for more of a sweater than a proper coat, with lining and buttons, etc. Very cozy and warm!

The Challenge: #2, Re-make, Re-use, Re-fashion

Material: Woolrich's Fort Sumter Blanket

Year: The pattern is from 1937

Notions: Thread

How historically accurate is it? I can't think of anything about it that is not accurate, to the best of my knowledge.

Hours to complete: A couple days.

First worn: Right after I made it!

Total cost: The blanket cost $140.

The pattern went together very well. Very simply and I didn't have to alter it at all. It fits well and has some very nice details, like the darts at the front and back neckline. I chose to leave off the welt pockets, mostly out of laziness, I must admit...

Since, the coat is unlined, I did a lot of hand work, catch-stitching the seams down to keep them tidy. It is a great stitch. I think it made the inside look as good as the outside.

Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten a decent picture of me wearing the coat. Maybe soon! I've been having so much fun sewing in the 30's lately. The cuts are so wearable today!


  1. I LOVE this! I'm not really a vintage sewer, but this kind of makes me want to try it. :)

    1. Thanks! Vintage has never been my most favorite, but some of these styles from the 30's are so wearable! I've gotten really into the early 20th century in the last couple years.

  2. Oh what a wonderful job on this jacket! It looks so worm and cozy and the colors are great!