Monday, May 5, 2014

Sew for Victory!

Hello all! A new leaf has been turned over. Vintage sewing! 

In an effort to broaden my sewing horizons, last month I decided to participate in Lucky Lucille's Sew for Victory sew along. 

In the spirit of victory, I went for WWII factory girl. Doing my bit for the effort! On hand, I had some repro feedsack fabric, which I used, which I thought went nicely with the whole make do and mend mindset.

The blouse is Wearing History's Smooth Sailing blouse. I did not change one single pattern piece. I am so pleased with the fit. This was my first "loose" fitting garment in a while. I was actually a bit nervous about ease. I'm so used to fitting over a corset. This was partly why I just followed the directions and the pattern pieces and didn't get fancy. Worked out really well!

This was my first Wearing History Pattern and every piece went together perfectly. Really nice pattern to work with. This was a size 16, I believe. In the future, if I would change anything, maybe I might take in a little of the yoke so that the shoulders would fit me better, but I'm talking like 1/4" on each side. Not even a big deal.

I must say, it was just a blouse, but parts of the construction were so foreign to me, I spent half the time referencing my sewing book. But that was the whole point: learn something new! I think the worst part, for me, was the collar and the bias facing. I still don't think I did it right. Actually, I'm pretty sure I came up with my own way... Oh well, it looks ok from the outside and that's what counts (mostly...). 

Actually, I should share pictures of the inside, too. I bound the seams and it looks very tidy and I love it! I always enjoy the insides of garments much equally, if not more than the out.

Fun fact. Well, not so fun, really. The pockets show up because the fabric was two different dye lots. This was an accident. Check your fabric when you purchase it. I bought this at a local shop. As they were rolling it off the bolt, we came across a couple yards that had been cut and re wrapped. Thinking nothing of it, I said I would take them. I didn't realize that they were a bit different until I had already cut out some pieces. The print is even a little finer on one. In the case of this shirt, it actually works out; the pockets don't disappear into the print. But, word to the wise, keep an weather eye.

I really enjoyed this little foray into vintage sewing. Next up, I want to try a period pattern. I've collected a few over the years. It was fun to try new techniques and get to play with more modern fabrics. It's also different, and nice, to end up with something I could actually wear out of the house. Bustles don't transition well into daily life!

And as one last bit of fun, check out my Pinterest inspiration board for the factory girl outfit.


  1. Cute! And yay for learning new skills!


  2. I'm SO impressed with this blouse. I was lucky enough to see the actual finished product, and it's perfection! Bravo, Rosie!!!

  3. That headscarf <3
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