Saturday, April 12, 2014

A great new antique find. A 1920 Victrola!

I have been having way too much fun with this thing. Especially considering I have only one record so far!

Last weekend we went poking around the antique stores and came home with this bit of fabulous. It's a hand crank Victrola from 1920. I looked up the serial number. This type of table top style dates back into the teens. In fact, this model, with the little feet, first started being made in 1915. 

Fun fact, the little doors on the front are volume control. Closed and the volume is softer, open and louder. Nifty.

So far I only have the record the machine came with from the store. It is a good one, though. It's got a waltz on one side and a fox trot on the reverse.  

I must say, never having been into records, this is a fun new experience, though it does have it's drawbacks. Nothing bad, just a bit inconvenient compared to what we take for granted with music today. Things I never would have thought of, had I never played a record on an old machine. But that's part of the fun for me: the experience as it would have been.

First, for every song, you must crank. Second, the songs are short, so you have to run back to the player pretty often to pick up the needle. No playlist here. Third, it is recommended that for every play, you use a new needle, so you end up going through a lot of needles. But again, it's more for the experience and the fun, than modern convenience...

And in other news, we got a new puppy! He likes the Victrola, too!

I also found a new, well new to me, sewing machine at the antique shop. More to come on that when I take some pictures. Oh! And I have been sewing. I'm just so behind of photos. More to come soon. 

Happy weekend all!


  1. That looks like so much fun! the puppy too :)

  2. Is he listening to his master's voice??!!