Saturday, November 12, 2011

Edwardian Fabulousness

So yes, I admit, I absolutely love the movie Titanic, and I definitely have a soft spot for the Edwardian. Today it got the better of me and I have spent the better part of the afternoon browsing edwardian evening gowns (because they are soooo much more drool worthy than day time attire!).

In light of Titanic's 100 year anniversary coming up, I thought it was an excuse to put an Edwardian gown on the to do list. My very favorite so far is this one, by Lucile, as in Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon, who was both fashion designer and Titanic survivor. How perfect!

Evening Dress. V&A, T.31-1960.

And from a slightly different angle.

At present, I'm browsing for ivory silk satin, or perhaps charmeuse, ivory chiffon and black velvet. I've also been checking out patterns to go off of, since I have never made a dress from this era. I perused Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 2 (1860 - 1940). Inside there's a pattern and instructions for Lady Maude Warrender's evening gown (1909 - 1910), which I might be able to go off of for the inside structure. Has anyone used this as a pattern before?

An illustration of Lady Maude's dress.

A gorgeous reproduction of Lady Maude's dress, done
by Jordan Bentley. Click here for more pictures to drool over!
Including pictures of the original gown, which
is housed in the Museum of London.

I leave you with some other gowns that caught my attention. Perhaps in the future...

1912 - 1913 Click the date for a link to an
awesome gallery of Edwardian fashions.


1910, by Worth. V&A.

The below pictures are all dresses from the V&A exhibit, 

1912 - 1913, by Worth.

1910 - 1913. I especially love the one of the left!


  1. This is certainly exciting to see. I'm sure you will make a success of this as well. I love the black 1912-13 with the floral underlay, and the 1910 black with cranberry sheer overlay. They are exquisite. Don't forget Rose's beauty of a "let me commit suicide at the Titanic stern" dress! Another gorgeous gown!

  2. The links and pictures you have of the Laurel dress. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

  3. Marina - I love the two black dresses!! And actually my favorite dress from Titanic is the white and black one with the flower that you only see for like two seconds in the beginning of the movie when the mother points out Molly Brown. It was an actual antique gown that the reproduction purchased. So was the one Ruth wears to the dinner party.

    Llyrafantasyfae - I know!!!!!! So gorgeous. All those paillets! Can you imagine sewing them on!! Fabulous!

  4. Actually, the Queen in the picture is H.M. Queen Victoria Eguenia of Spain, consort of King Alfonso XIII...