Sunday, January 19, 2020

Repeal Day, and a New Evening Jacket for My Rose Gold Gown

In December of 2018, The Mob Museum downtown celebrated Repeal Day with a costume party in their basement speakeasy. I've always wanted to get to the Mob Museum, but haven't found the chance. This was the perfect way to go!

Repeal day was December 5, 1933. I decided to bring out my rose gold evening gown that I wore to the Brown Hotel after the Kentucky Derby (we had tickets to a black tie event that evening, but totally ditched them to hang out in our gorgeous hotel lobby!). I thought it needed a little something, and it was cold, so I finally got around to making an evening jacket to match. It was part of the original plan, but I just ran out of time. I used a 1930's pattern that I graded up to my size. Its the first time I've done that, and it turned out very well! I generally try to find vintage patterns (all patterns...) in my size, since its just so much easier.

I absolutely loved this outfit, and the evening was a total blast. There was a band downstairs at the bar, and we got to go up and see the whole museum, too. Pretty much everyone was dressed in 1920's - 30's style, so it was very cool to get to experience the museum like that.

In the museum, we even found my husband's historical doppleganger!!

Near the end of the evening, there was a costume contest. You didn't really enter, the judges kind of picked you out of the crowd. And well, I won! (And I won some moonshine!) Usually, I don't really like to participate in contests. Especially costume. Maybe it seems silly, but it kind of feels like bringing a gun to a knife fight, when comparing era accurate hand sewn, with mostly purchased costumes. I also don't like the spotlight. On the other hand, if we don't share fashion history, and show what the clothes really looked like, I think we're missing an opportunity to share and educate. Some food for thought...

And some close ups of the jacket, because it's my favorite part of the whole outfit! It was loosely based on a jacket worn by Cate Blanchett, in the Aviator. The whole ensemble is made from silk, crepe back satin. The diamante belt buckle was vintage.

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