Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer Vintage

I'm playing major catch up on the blog today. I must admit, ever since I started posting on Instagram, my poor blog has been terribly neglected. It's just so easy to quickly share a photo of a finished project. But I've had this blog for so many years, and have documented such a journey of sewing, I want to get back to posting on it.

Oh, but I've been so intimidated with catching up! Well, I have to start sometime... So, here goes! I thought I'd start with an easy one to type up today: my favorite pieces from this summer's vintage wardrobe.

I totally lived in forties shorts this summer. I made two pairs from McCall 6449: a white cotton twill pair that was true to the pattern and a seersucker pair. I changed those to zip up the side. The blouses in these two photos weren't made by me. The grey blouse is Freddie's of Pinewood and the white is from Target.

I had lots of the white/caramel seersucker and made a full playsuit. The skirt was self drafted, and the top was Vogue 5469. I wore the whole look to Viva this year. Speaking of Viva, which is a weekend long Rockabilly convention held here in Vegas, we had such a blast! I can't wait for next year. The music is great, but the shopping and people watching is the best. The vintage you see walking around is incredible!

 And a couple better pics... Because so many buttons! And I really like the fabric.

Big, iPhone friendly, in-seam pockets and twill tape hanging loops (because I don't really like clamp hangers). Also, I doubled up the fabric on the blouse, because I don't like bras either. Well, not with a top like this anyway.

I made the same top in black rayon. I had lots of the black rayon, too, so I made this top, a button up top, shorts, and long pants (which were the shorts pattern with length added to make them trousers). I ended up wearing the pants to the first night of Costume College. I had a whole, historical outfit packed, and at the last minute, comfort won out. My husband was wearing a vintage western shirt, so I decided to take his lead and I'm glad I wore this instead. It was easy and comfy and I like it! 

My favorite dress from this summer was 1930's McCall 9177, made up in a palm print, poly crepe de chine. I made it for a vacation, so it was more for fun than trying to be accurately thirties. The print was so tropical and cheery, but I probably won't be racing to use a poly like this again. It was the most static prone fabric I have ever worked with. But the dress turned out great, and I wore it many times this summer.

For the same vacation as the palm print, I made another couple other dresses that don't strictly fall into the vintage category either. The first one, made up in black charmeuse (matte side out), was inspired by one of Wearing History's 1930's halter top patterns that I made last year. I just made this one into a dress.

I also tried out a modern pattern (gasp!) this summer which was successful. It was Tessuti Fabrics' Bondi Dress, which was a print and assemble pattern. I printed it out a couple days before we left and I made it out of scraps of linen left over from 18th century sewing. I think I made it with under a yard of fabric! I did shorten the dress to achieve this, though. I wore it as a bathing suit cover up for basically the whole trip!

This wasn't all the "everyday" clothes I made this summer, but they were my favorite and most worn. It's been an interesting journey, adding wearable vintage pieces to my everyday wardrobe. Over the last couple years I've been adding more and more, and its interesting to see what I really wear and what stays in the closet. Most vintage (as opposed to historical) clothes I make, I initially make for vacation, so they lean toward resort wear.  I must say, it's really fun to sew for our trips. I used to look forward to shopping for travel, now I look forward to creating!


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