Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2017 In Review

What a busy costuming year 2017 was! Compared to the past few years, I'm amazed how much I actually did. Of course, a major part of that is that most events I went to involved my husband dressing up, too. And once it was about more than just me, we got wayyy more inspired to go to things. He even won a costume contest! Woot!

January ventured into the 1920's, with a silk velvet evening gown, undies, and a black camel overcoat.

In February, I made a 1930's blanket coat, which now travels with me everywhere in our Airstream.

In March, I went to the beach 1930's style, with two beach pajama outfits. The white pants got worn SO much this summer! For the same trip, I made two caftans, as well, and a black halter that never got pictures.

In May, I made a hat for the Oaks day of the Kentucky Derby, and I made my husband a bowtie, pocket square and cufflinks. I also made a 1930's evening gown, slip, and undies, for absolutely no reason other than I wanted to! And I found a place to wear it!

In June, I finished remaking a chintz gown, which I had made years ago. I took it apart and finally got around to reconstructing it, in an accurate manner this time around.

In July, just in time for Costume College, I finished my Countess of Provence gown, which was started last year and then put on hold. For it, I made a cap with lappets, lacy kerchief, and lacy sleeve ruffles. I also made a 1902 gown, based on a Worth gown, for the gala. Complete with undies and petticoats and foundation skirt and padding! A pair of jodhpurs and blouse were made, also, but didn't get photographed. 

Right after Costume College, in August, I wore a 1903 shirtwaist, skirt, corset cover and hat. All of which were sitting as UFO's in my sewing room for far too long.

In September, I made a 1940's bathing suit and matching turban.

October saw a Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume, an 1880's corset, an 1885 cotton dress, based on one at the V&A, a bonnet, and an 1880's tennis dress for my mom.

In November I finished up a 1770's riding habit, with two waistcoats and a hat. I also trimmed my habit shirt and made up a linen stock.

And to cap the year off, I wore my new, lace, Robe de Style to a 1920's New Years Eve party. The beaded shoe buckles were a big part of this one!

I'm quite proud that I managed to find so much time to sew this year. I really tried to make it a priority. For the upcoming year, I want to continue this trend. My big project will be reproducing a gown worn by Alexandra Fyodorovna. Depending on how that moves along, I'd like to find some time to make some 1940's clothing and maybe a new outfit for Goldfield Days. I'm pretty open era-wise on that, so it could be anywhere from 1900-1920. And then of course, one never knows what other inspiration may come along!


  1. I enjoyed seeing all your makes they were very good. All the best for a busy sewing year ahead.

  2. Wow! What a great collection of sewing projects! You're an inspiration! Happy 2018 - Keep on sewing!