Sunday, August 19, 2012

19th Century Undersleeves

Here we have a pair of victorian mid-century undersleeves. When these came in the mail they were the saddest shade of beigey brown. A little dip in the sink cleaned off well over 100 years of funk. Ah, that's better.

The sleeves are a crisp, white cotton. They feel like a middle weight organdy. The embroidered cuffs are basted on with large stitches, making them easy to remove for laundering. The embroidery is hand done. 

Lot's of mending means these pretties were well loved. The small holes and rips are all repaired with darning stitches, some with little patches of fabric as well as the darning stitches. These sleeves might have been retired when one of the sleeves got a nasty, long rip. Maybe they got lost in the abyss of the mending pile, which happens all the time in my own sewing room... :)

They are quite long, and come all the way to my underarm. The wrist opening is very slim, at about 5" around. At the bottom, I have included a photo next to a measuring tape for scale. They close with little Mother of Pearl buttons.

Lots of pics to follow. Enjoy!

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