About Me

Hi all! My name is Caroline and I live in Las Vegas with my husband, our dogs, a couple of cats and our horses.

I love history. I love reading about it and learning about it. I love the fashion. Clothing is one of the closest things to a person. What you wear and how you wear it shows part of who you are, as it has through history. I love looking at a painting of a woman in a crinoline, or stays, or a huge powdered hairdo and and being able to say, "I know what that feels like!" It's like stepping back in time.

As for starting this blog, I've utilized so much information from of other websites, I thought it was about time I contribute what I can. I am absolutely learning as I go, and I make tons of mistakes, but please excuse them, and hopefully other people will learn from mine and if nothing else, enjoy the pretty pictures!