Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Vintage Egypt, Part 2: Sporty Day Wear

First up, my most worn garment of the trip: Jodhpurs!

Why Jodhpurs? Before leggings and sweatpants, throughout history, equestrian clothing was the   only real casual sportswear. Riding attire is what one wore when out getting dirty and sweaty. And boy did we get sweaty! But the heat was a small price to pay for no tourists in our photos!

The pants were made from a repro vintage pattern, with modifications, like a side closure and pockets, added for personal preference. They're a lightweight beige wool. They held up so well with the sweat and barely showed dust and dirt.

I basically wore some version of sportswear every day of the trip. I mixed up the look with different accessories, and even ended up washing these wool pants in the sink (that's why we prewash fabrics!). My blouses were linen shirts from my modern closet. 

My vintage boots were found on eBay, the leather satchel was a gift, and the parasol was an amazon find. That parasol was such a life saver in the sun!

My other sporty pants were a pair of purchased knickerbockers, made by The original Prohibition Clothing Company. These were cute, but not nearly as light and airy as my jobs, as they were lined. They looked especially golfy and sporty with my Royal Vintage saddle shoes. Fun fact: the tie was from the little boys section. An adult tie would have been way too long.

My husband also had similar outfits for this kind of activity. Most of his clothing was either from his closet, or purchased. The plus twos are from Gentlemen's Emporium, as was the bush jacket, which he said was great for keeping the sun off, which actually keeps one cooler. He opted for a pair of leather and canvas Wolverine 1000 Mile, boots that he already owned. 

One thing we learned on this trip was that a good quality shoe was key. A pair of my more fashion oriented shoes actually melted and the glue came apart from the heat!

My husband, pointing out a cartouche of Alexander the Great.
We Greeks get around!

Next up: fancy day wear!


  1. Ok, please talk more about the jodhpurs! I muck about on muddy job sites and climb ladders on a daily basis in my work as an architect, and have been thinking that would work for me. What repro pattern did you use?

    1. Hi! I used the Met Museum's Equestrienne pattern. But changed it from a fall front, and added pockets and leg lacing. But it is a good pattern base.

  2. Your jodhpurs look great! :) How crazy is it that your shoes melted...???