Monday, December 30, 2013

A black wool spencer for HSF #26. Celebrate!

I'm celebrating because I actually finished this before the year ended! Yay!

My last project of 2013 was a black wool spencer, circa 1800. There are a lot of era fashion plates showing these cute little black spencer jackets, with open, pointy fronts, high waists and collars. See some on the pinterest board here. I kind of meshed together the general look and draped a pattern on my mannequin (fun fact: her name is Headless.)

I constructed the jacket by laying out the pieces, folding under the seam allowances, basting fabric and lining and then stitching the pieces together.

I was really pleased how easy the collar was to lay out and attach. Collars kind of intimidate me. Maybe because they are so obvious if they're wrong. It's lined in buckram.

The jacket is lined in scrap gingham cotton I had left over. I chose to line the front pieces in the same fabric as the jacket, as they will hang open and show.

I wasn't crazy about how the dress's waist showed, so after some debate, I added a little peplum to the back and might add covered buttons where the back seams meet the waist.

The front pieces are far more flattering on a human :)

And the inside.

Next up, accessories and a new ball gown! Same era. Fun stuff ahead.

Happy new year everyone!!!


  1. Pretty! I like the peplum. It's very of the period and adds a frivolous touch. I hope you share pictures of you wearing it soonish... :)


    1. Thanks! I will do. I'm going to a tea this month, which is why I made it. I will take pictures for sure. Happy new year!